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Promote Your Company Using Twitter


Many businesses, whether big or small, have decided to join social networking sites, such as Twitter to expand their reach and connect with potential clients. Twitter is one of the more popular social medias that companies can use to build a rapport and share information with people regarding the products or services the business provides. There is no doubt that advertising and building public relations are essential for a company. It is a given. What may be confusing, however, is how to go about doing just that. The approach to marketing on Twitter is different from conventional marketing. For one thing, it is best that companies put their friendlier foot forward instead of the straight-out client-seeking business manner.

The first thing to do after joining Twitter is: buy followers for Twitter. That is not finding users on the site and telling them about the products or services they will receive. No, save that for fliers and billboards. The actual goal here is to get to know these people or even other businesses, and show them what the company has to offer. This can be done by choosing to “Follow” users who have tweeted about things that relate to the company. People may “Follow” back and this way the potential client base will build up. Now the company (or an employee) can start updating about the products or services, and also monitor what the followers are chatting about. Monitoring is very important. Not only will that show what customers are looking for, it will help a company see what is going on with competing businesses. A company can grow from learning from its rival’s successes and failures.

Other things to do to gain customer loyalty when marketing on Twitter is to answer questions tweeted by customers directly on Twitter. Communication is everything with social media marketing, and the openness of a company is appreciated by clients. Likewise, gain customers by giving out incentives like coupons or free online tutorials. These can be done through posting links as Twitter only allows 140 characters worth of comment space. With all that a company can and should do on Twitter, it is crucial to remember that while making friends is important, making the company look good is ultimately what matters. Be careful of what is tweeted by employees about their job or company; and handle customer complaints on Twitter as quickly and smoothly as possible.